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Updated: Apr 11

Michelle Clarke (She/Her) Founder of NGT

Founder and owner of NGT. Born in 1955. Worked in the Merchant Navy for 12 years latterly as Captain on a luxury yacht. Also founder and owner of Marine Chart Services. Has been transitioning for many years. Helps as co-producer of events with Daventry Gender Clinic. Passionate about promoting trans awareness to all people in all industries and walks of life.

Training for tomorrow, today

Transgender equality presentation for training in the workplace Providing a factual presentation of the transitional journeys of two people, including language and terminology, pronouns, intersex, equality in the workplace, how you can help, and so much more.

National Gender Training was set up by Michelle Clarke in answer to the growing demand locally, and nationally, for training in and around the subject of being transgender.

In collaboration with Shay Robertson, the business manager, they had been giving talks of their journeys, to local NHS staff, that were so well received that they were being asked back time and again. Seeing this demand brought about the formation of this business in 2020.

During 2019, Michelle and Shay started giving talks to various groups of mental health nurses within Northamptonshire, and these were so well received that they often received a standing ovation at the end of the talk. Then, in March 2020, the UK was put into lockdown because of the Coronavirus, and Michelle decided to expand the talks into something better. The finished article was a 3.5-hour presentation dealing with all aspects of transition, both male to female and female to male, as well as covering non-binary and other forms of gender incongruence. Included in the course is language & terminology, pronouns, gender clinics, key stages in each pathway, 2 videos of our transitions, equality in the workplace, important legislation and so much more. © National Gender Training Call on: 07513 017579

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Transgender equality presentation for training in the workplace (

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