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50 Years Since Stonewall

The 50 years since Stonewall—where trans people were on the frontline—has seen progress and backlash, with the Trump administration determined to pursue policies of discrimination.

Every big city, from San Francisco to Sydney, sees rainbow flags fly in June. This year, the colorful pride banners will stand in stark contrast to the sweeping media monsoon of black and white images commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising in New York City.

Of the few color photographs and film that survived that historic week in June 1969 in Greenwich Village, you won’t find any powder blue, rose pink and stark white transgender flags. They weren’t even invented until 30 years later by trans woman Monica Helms, who is among the honorees at this year’s World Pride celebration. “Transgender” was a brand new term in 1969, and in the 50 years since, it’s become a household word, albeit one that still stirs controversy.

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