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Blood Tests, Peaks and troughs

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

I still have regular blood tests before and after my Nebido injection.

At first I was having the Nebido injected every twelve weeks but my testosterone levels where dropping too low by the time my next dose was due.

Due to the drop in my levels my consultant at the GIC ( Gender Identity Clinic) reduced the gap between my Nebido injections to every ten weeks, This was then monitored over a nine month period.

The drop in my levels has been picked up on three separate occasions.

By conducting regular blood test checks my consultant at the GIC noticed that just after having my jab my testosterone levels were good and maintaining at a good normal level. He then suggested that just before my next Nebido jab would be due I was to have another blood test this is where it was noticed that towards the end of my circle my levels were once again dropping below what they call normal.

My Nebido has now be reduced to every eight weeks, with regular peak and trough blood tests to be monitored to check how I am reacting to the reduced time frame.

I was discharged from the GIC over a year ago and I was shocked to receive an pleasant but unexpected telephone call from my consultant Mr Timmins.

He called to explain that he had received my recent blood test and that my testosterone levels were now through the roof.

It was a little worrying as too much testosterone can convert back to oestrogen. He asked if I had any side effects which I had none. After a few more questions he had no concerns but has requested I have another blood test taken in a couple of weeks.

It is comforting to know that despite being discharged from GIC I am still being monitored and cared for.

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