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Colour Calendars #feedbackfriday!

Welcome to another edition of, #FeedbackFriday! This week’s testimonial comes from Shay Robertson A Facebook Group Admin, Author and all-round incredible human being!

This is our first time working with Shay and The love and sense of community carried throughout this project, along with the Shays dedication, has created something that we as a company are so proud to have been apart of.

After appearing in the national tabloids in 2017 Shay began to work on “My Journey - Sally to Shay”. Its release in 2018 has been highly praised and is now available for purchase worldwide via all major book distributors including Amazon and Waterstones.

Shay’s calendar project focused on the Facebook group Trans’pirational and featured members of the group from all over the world. The comments alone are enough to bring a tear to your eye and truly shows how powerful a calendar can be in unifying and empowering the creators.

Shay continues to dedicate as much time as possible to helping anyone who asks and has been nominated this year for the Positive Role Model Award by National Diversity Awards – We wish him the best of luck with the shortlisting this July!

Before Shay explains a little about his group we want to explain why this project really resonated with us as a company:

As a company, we provide extra consideration for charities for the assistance they provide but when an individual carry’s the gauntlet single handily it’s imperative to take notice. Shay dedicates all his time to helping those lost and looking for guidance, even those of us that may be very distant from the transgender community can understand the impact of having a hand to hold when you're lost in the darkness, it’s a tough world and with people like Shay making it a bit easier we will hopefully create the global community that 2020 has educated we so desperately need. To all those in our local and global community that help their fellow human we thank you. You make the dark days a little brighter.

There is no one that can talk about this project better than Shay so without further ado here is some more information about this incredible journey and how Shay helps transitioning male and females all over the world, Heroes don’t always wear capes!

“I am Transgender myself and I wanted to create a safe place for people to feel happy and secure and not judged, I created the group called Trans’pirational and my goodness has it took off. I have 4 admins 1 transitioned 1 Transitioning, 1 parent and 1 partner so at any times we could all answer nearly any question from 1 of us.

I virtually live on this site to make sure it stays safe and monitor everything so tightly to make sure no one u towards slips through as being transgender you can face some unpleasant things even though thankfully myself and my group have not.

I get praised so highly for how I run the group it’s so amazing, I have so many lovely people in it. I decided a calendar would be an awesome idea and I was going to put up a poll to get people to nominate I was originally looking at 12 people for the months, when I put up my post I had 71 straight away wanting to be in it. I couldn’t let anyone down so decided we would use everyone so they would feel worthy and see themselves for who they truly are an inspiration to others. I contacted yourselves and with your kind help as I am far from techy we created an awesome calendar that has gone worldwide and sold out overnight. The calendar was made at cost plus postage and plus a £2 donation that I would donate to a trans charity at the choice of the group. I have been nominated for the National diversity awards with ITV for the hard work I personally put in and now also my group that I created so not only a personal achievement for myself but also the fact I created an outstanding group as well”

If you want to learn more about Shay’s story, the calendar project or the Facebook Group please visit the following links:

Facebook Page:

Shays Journey FTM Transgender


Facebook Group:

If you want to take part in a future Social Media feature email our Head of Marketing -

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