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Mobile Site

Just a reminder that you have full access to the website on your mobile. So you can read and refer to it on the go.

The three blue lines at the top right takes you to the shop where you can purchase my book 'Sally to Shay' at a discounted price £10.79 which covers my life from childhood through to adult including my full transition from female to male with medical references explained and graphic images to show every step of each surgical procedure.

You also have access to 'My Journey' which is a go to section to answer any questions you may have about changes to the body from starting testosterone to making the phallus.

Last but not least you also have 'Outside Support Groups' These are places and people you can contact for support and information, they are there for yourselves, partners, family and friends all taking this journey with you whom may also need support and advice from time to time.

I am also here for advice and support so please feel free to message me at any time I am always happy to help in any way I can.

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