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My Journey Sally to Shay book review

A lovely review from someone whom purchased my book Thank you <3

A Raving Review of the incredible biography.. "My Journey Sally to Shay" by Shay Robertson

"This book, in my humble opinion, is a FtM surgery and transition anti-anxiety, survival guide!

A must have for all surgically transitioning, transgender men and their ally's!

In my own FtM transition experience, I eventually came to realize a painful truth.

I must blindly be grateful and obedient to medical staff, who may or may not understand my medical condition. Whom may or may not respect me as a human being. A very PTSD treatment plan it often feels to be, to say the least.

Now though, after reading this page turner cover to cover, Shay's book has me floating in confidence! I feel prepared and I feel capable!

I have pages and pages of notes on things like spray waterproof plaster, protection rack for my dogs, requesting the kitchen to pre-cut my food in stage 1 of RFF.

The importance of questioning anyone who seems to be incorrect and to accept, professional people will be incorrect.

The timeframes for everything from surgery times to recovery times to constipation for 5 days which would have me running to every emergency room in the state, or would have.

Now I can at least breathe this time as my doctor tries to dismiss/assure me, I can finally believe him. Because Shay tells it all, the good the bad and the ugly, he takes the mystery away and I love him for that because there is nothing I hate more than mystery when it comes to my anatomy.

There's even pictures!

It turns out exactly for Shay, as how I need it to be, when I'm done. You'll see, buy the book,

pg129 &141, trust me! In other words, in his own words..

pg134... "I needed to know things...

Maybe if I had been told this could happen, I wouldn't have felt so bad about it."

pg143 I also wanted to find people who would validate the way I felt, so I would know I wasn't alone.

pg151 I wanted to write a book...

a book that people who are transitioning can follow..."

This book brings a comradery to all our struggles. As I closed the jacket, I instantly noticed how I felt less alone and more informed.

I also learned that Julie Mclean may actually know more about the FtM transition process than Shay Robertson or possibly any of us here!

As this awesome, hard core, ally, lady of his, was not only there every single step of the way, literally from discovery to pump, she was the ONLY ONE not continuously hopped up on pain killers, lulz! She even slept in her car at the hospital!!!

That is one helluva woman partner person! Seriously though she is the real deal transgender ally and her prospective shines bright, as she really really stands behind her man! I respect and understand her experience, wisdom and knowledge in a whole new light now I love you both Shay & Julie a little bit extra now

Shay, Sorry I forgot to read sooner, it got lost on a self for a long second but not at all sorry I ordered that extra one for my local transgender resource centre! This really is perfect for all FtM guys transitioning!!!

Click the link below to purchase My Journey Sally to Shay via Amazon:

Alternatively My Journey Sally to Shay can be purchased here on my website with a 10% discount just click on shop above.

Thank you in advance <3

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