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My transition in black and white

Writing my book was solely to help others in my position. To aid individuals on their journey.

I wanted to help, support and be there for everyone who might need me!..

Unlike me I had nothing and no one I could turn to for the help, advice and support that I needed throughout my journey... Yes I had the full support of my cis partner Julie but I wanted/needed knowledge on what I was going to be experiencing and enduring i:e treatments, surgery, recovery, risks etc. There was nothing!

Little did I know how much this book of mine would help other transitioning individuals, their partners and families, A dream come true, the feedback and comments are breath taking and I am over the moon at how much I am able to help others. My aim to be there for everyone who needs me has been achieved.

Writing this book has been therapeutic to me too, going back over my life reliving my dark times has helped me combat my demons and lay them to rest, no they will never be forgotten but the ghost of my past no longer haunt me.

I smile everyday being the true me and living the life I now love,

Having Transgender and LGBT+ groups and organisations requests for me to stage talks, do readings from my book and attend PRIDE events is very humbling.

It makes me extremely proud to able to be there for others, to be in the position to answer all the many questions I was unable to get answers to and physically show ALL the procedures and scars but also to prove there is a way out of the darkness and there is a light at the end of the tunnel where you can smile and be happy in your own skin.

The journey and end result is definably worth the wait the pain, the up the downs, the tears and frustrations, they all turn into smiles of happiness, joy and contentment.

The fulfilment of being who you were born to be I have not enough words to describe how truly amazing it is!

IF you truly want it, it IS within your reach.

Believe in yourself.

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