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National Diversity Award

I am totally overwhelmed and honored to have been nominated for a positive role model award.

Over the past 5 years I have spent the majority of my time supporting and guiding other trans individuals along their transitioning journeys, also their partners, families and friends.

I strive to achieve acceptance and understanding of all trans individuals in society by voluntarily fronting talks and operating transgender awareness training courses to staff alongside the NHS in the workplace. Being a guest speaker on LGBT+ radio shows and at PRIDE events has given me an open platform and allowed me to reach out.

I will continue to be an advocate and ally to help and support each and every person under the trans umbrella and their loved ones fighting for trans rights.

It would be amazing to get shortlisted so please feel free to nominate me and say a few kind words, and click on the link below, and please activate the confirmation email or it wont count,love you all xx,

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