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National Diversity Awards 2022

I have been nominated for a National Diversity Award, please help me get there by voting for me on the below link. You just have to click on the link and say a few words, you then need to confirm the email they send you back for verification to show your a real person and not a robot lol 🤣🤣🤣 sometimes it can end up in the junk folder though so please look out for it,

Thank you for helping and believing in me xx

I am totally overwhelmed and honoured to have been nominated for a positive role model award.

I am 51 years old and I am a Transgender man, I have recently just married my long time partner who has been my rock for the past 12 years, between us we have 4 children and 8 Grandchildren all that love and support us both.

When I started Transitioning back in 2012 I struggled to find any information to help me with my journey. I was very much in the dark and the unknown with no one to turn to apart from the internet as I had no other Trans friends to give me any advice.

During this time, I have worked tirelessly to share my knowledge and experiences with the world. I am a passionate advocate of the trans community and will always continue to support all those within our community and beyond, in any way that I can.

I believe I have already accomplished a great deal, and am confident that my input has made positive changes for all of us. Which fills me with so much pride and satisfaction.

Through my conscientious and tenacious approach, you can guarantee that I will never give up and am committed to drive progression, education, development and overall visibility and understanding.

I like to consider myself a very cheerful and understanding person.

That someone that is always approachable, and who you wont have any problems being able to talk to open and honestly.

I am very open minded and welcome you all to be true to yourselves.

I am here with absolutely no judgements and or assumptions and to everyone's benefit, hold my own unique first hand understanding of what it is like to be Transgender.

I wrote my own book called Sally to Shay with a complete guide of my journey for others to understand the process and procedures that we go through, explaining every step of the way including doctor’s explanations and graphic images of surgery so people can see the exact route we go through. I didn't do this to put people off, I did this to show what does look graphic at the beginning turns into extremely brilliant results with the correct route and care.

The book has sold well and got 5 star reviews with such lovely feedback that has helped so many people,

I also have my own website of which also is full of information and guidance for those transitioning with also a couple of well know DRs on their offering their services, I try and include as much information as I can so the site gives them as much help as possible.

I also run support groups where people say it’s a family and I have a great admin team full of support too.

My main goal, to strive help and support anyone whom just needs a little confidence and guide in their journey to becoming themselves. I love to be that person you can turn to and rely on no matter what, I will always be there.

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