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I have been asked to take part in various podcasts recently. Of course I was thrilled to participate. To help others in the trans community by talking to others, to give advise and support where I can is my main focus.

I know surgery procedures change with the times and different types of pumps and implants are being made but on the whole the process is much the same.

Waiting times for the GIC are constantly getting longer as more and more trans people search for help, which I appreciate can frustrate and cause intense dysphoria for some individuals of which I can empathize. Some are lucky enough to be able to bypass the NHS and go private but for the majority that is an impossibility. as it was for myself.

As I am involved with the gender clinics both private and the NHS I keep myself up to date with average waiting times and support that is available. So when I am requested to appear on podcasts and zoom interviews I am able to give an approximately accurate reply to any question I may be asked.

The following link is the most recent podcasts I have taken part in of late. I hope you enjoy listening to it and it is of help:

Interview with Dr Helen Webberly and Marianne Greye

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