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Trans-piration Group

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Me being me I am constantly looking for ways to interact and help others transitioning, their partners and family.

I had been talking with a parent who had lost contact with her trans child due to personal circumstances. While talking it was suggested that maybe if I started up a Facebook closed group for transgender individuals maybe he would get in contact with me via the group.

I spoke to my partner Julie about the intended group and together we decided that it could potentially be an ideal place for others to talk, ask questions and make friends without the fear of any backlash or unwanted attention from others outside the group.

So on the 8th July 2019 Trans-piration was created, name chosen by Julie as she says everyone needs inspiration and where better to get inspiration from others than individuals sharing the same experiences hence Trans-piration.

We enlisted three admin people , myself being fully transitioned, Julie my cis partner, Nic a good friend currently transitioning and Andrea a friend of 16 years and a parent of a trans child.

Rules and regulations were created for each member to adhere to prior to being approved into the group. Within 24 hours we had 61 members, in less than 72 hours we had 101 members. Today we have 296 members and is increasing everyday, it is absolutely amazing.

Everyone introduces themselves, shares a bit of their own story, contributes to all the questions being asked, helping and advising each other to the best of our ability.

We are all one big Trans-pirational FAMILY and everyone is awesome, please feel free to come join us <3


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